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About IVF Bank

We have a reputation in this community as the leading IVF bank for many reasons, but our mission is to educate our clients on the variety of benefits that embryo storage offers and how it can prepare them for the family they’ve always wanted when the time is right. 

Our Mission

“Our large team will work closely with your medical team to coordinate the thawing and delivery of the embryos to your fertility clinic. We use a state of the art thawing process that ensures the optimal viability of embryos. 

IVF Bank Australia.Com.Au

IVF Banking Resources

At IVF Bank Australia.Com.Au, our goal is to work with our clients to help them realize their dream of raising a family in the future. Whether you’re planning on undergoing IVF treatment or storing your embryos for later use our team at IVF bank Australia will work closely with you, your partner, and your fertility specialist to ensure your embryos are available once you’re ready for the final step in the IVF process. 

These days, IVF banking is more affordable than ever. Our company has been proudly serving the community for the past ten years, helping couples all over the country to build the family of their dreams. 

Our team consists of fertility specialists, doctors, and trained lab technicians who specialize in embryo storage and IVF treatment procedures. In fact, our staff continues their education in order to stay up to date with the new methods and technologies use in embryo storage. 

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The Answer You’ve Been Searching For 

IVF banking can be the answer you’ve been searching for. Many couples turn to us during a time in their life when their hopes for a growing family are uncertain. But IVF banking isn’t just for couples who are currently undergoing IVF treatment. In fact, many people use our embryo banking facility to store embryos for use in the future. Middle ages newlyweds who are not ready to begin a family will often choose to store eggs or embryos for several years until the time is right for them.

Women who are undergoing cancer treatment such as chemotherapy or radiation who want to have children in the future can store their eggs or embryos with us and use them once they have been in remission for a determined amount of time. 

And then there are couples who have struggled to conceive on their own for years and have turned to in vitro fertilization treatment, in the hope that IVF is the answer. The truth is, IVF treatment is expensive. It runs in the thousands of dollars range, with each implantation procedure. If the procedure isn’t a success, then the couple must go through the entire IVF treatment all over again and take the chance that the second time will have a better outcome than the first. But what most people don’t know is that IVF is a lengthy process. 

There are many steps involved. It’s not simply a matter of egg removal and implantation. 

In fact, it can take several weeks per cycle. The amount of time can vary from person to person and many factors will come into play. 

Click here to learn how long does IVF take. 

Before treatment even begins, of course, you’ll have many questions. One of the main concerns for many women is whether or not treatment is painful. This can depend on the individual, but ultimately, most women will agree that while there is some degree of discomfort and mild pain that can occur during different stages of the treatment, IVF is not very painful at all. Pain caused during certain phases and procedures is often compared to the type of pain experienced during menstruation. 

The Start of IVF Treatment 

Women begin by meeting with a fertility specialist. They must undergo testing and begin taking birth control in order to regulate their cycle. This is done for a period of two weeks. After which, women must then self-inject fertility medication on a daily basis for two to four weeks in order to encourage multiple egg production. Once this phase of treatment is complete, it’s time for the egg retrieval process. 

During this time, the woman must undergo a procedure in which a fertility specialist will retrieve multiple eggs. The eggs will then be fertilized with sperm in a lab dish. As the embryos grow, they’re closely monitored for any abnormalities. 

The next step is implanting a healthy embryo into the patient in the hopes that the embryo will attach and begin to develop.

A Different Approach to IVF

Embryo Transfer 

Not everyone will go through the same steps during their IVF cycle. In fact, there are different types of IVF treatments available, some of which will not require the use of fertility drugs and the same procedures as traditional IVF. 

You can learn more in our article on Natural Cycle IVF treatment, just click here. 

Our Services 

We give couples the option of having children in the future, allowing them to store their precious embryos in our facility, where they will be carefully frozen, using innovative, closely regulated cryopreservation techniques that slowly bring the embryo safely down to freezing temperatures. As they’re stored in our facility, our staff of doctors and lab technicians will closely monitor them and ensure they remain in carefully regulated temperatures. In the event you would like to use your stored embryos, we’re just a phone call away. 

Once you’ve decided the time is right to try again, we’ll be by your side, walking you through the entire process. That’s what we’re here for. 

Benefits of IVF Banking 

As we discussed earlier, the IVF process is expensive and lengthy. But by storing leftover embryos at our facility, did you know you can save thousands of dollars? 

You won’t have to go through the same process you did with your first IVF treatment. In fact, you won’t have to deal with regulating your menstrual cycle, giving yourself fertility injections in order to encourage multiple egg production or go through the uncomfortable procedure of egg retrieval. While you may still need to take certain medications that will improve your chances of embryo implantation, you can skip many of the steps you went through during your first IVF attempt, which means a faster process, which is great news for hopeful parents to be. 

Banking your embryos with us also means you can essentially save thousands of dollars because you don’t have to attend as many doctor’s appointments or take the same amount of fertility drugs like you did with your first cycle of IVF.  But is there a downside to banking your embryos? 

What to Consider Before you Sign On 

As we mentioned earlier, we pride ourselves on educating our clients on their options, and the pros and cons of embryo banking. Essentially, embryo banking will give you the option of having more children in the future. But for couples who don’t want to have more than one child, there may be no point in banking embryos. Yet it can still be important to bank your embryos for the short term until you’ve successfully conceived.

What Happens to Unused Embryos?

If your round of IVF was successful and you’re pregnant then you probably want to cut back on as many unnecessary expenses as possible. For some, this can mean the annual or monthly embryo storage fees. So, what do couples do with the remaining embryos once they’ve decided they don’t want more children in the future? 

Some couples choose to wait a couple of years before they make a final decision regarding the care and storage of the remaining embryos. There are a few options available, but for many women, this decision can be a hard one because it feels so final.

If you’re not certain whether or not you want another child years down the road, you can still bank your embryos here until you’ve made that important final decision. New parents don’t know what to expect from parenthood, whether they’ll be able to afford another child in the future, or even if they’ll have time. Embryos do not have an expiration date, which means they can remain safely at our facility for as long as you wish. 

If you’ve decided that you’re done having children, you can choose one of the following options:

  • You can choose to donate your embryos to couples struggling with fertility problems. 
  • You can allow the embryos to die. This involves thawing the embryos out and disposing of them appropriately. 
  • You can also donate the embryos for research purposes. 


This is a very difficult decision to make and it’s one of the reasons some choose not to do a multiple egg retrieval during in vitro fertilization treatment, however, doing so can give you another chance at having a child if your first cycle was not successful.

The Best Infertility Solution 

Natural Cycle IVF

Whatever choice you make, you can have peace of mind knowing that your embryos can be safely stored at our facility for the long-term. It’s our goal to provide the type of customer service that can help you during this exciting time in your life and guide you toward making the right decisions for you and your growing family. 

Those new to IVF treatment can make an appointment with one of our client advisors to learn more about the different services we offer. During your consultation you can speak with our on-staff fertility specialist and client advisor to learn more about your options, how the embryos are processed and stored, and what you can expect from the freezing and thawing process. Many women wonder how long it takes to thaw the embryos or how they will be transported to their fertility clinic. A consultation with our team can help to answer all of your questions regarding IVF treatment and embryo storage. 

Client Testimonials 

Embryo Storage

Customer service and client satisfaction is very important to us. As a team, we have proudly served the community for years, helping couples to grow their family. We’re known for our state of the art processing methods that produce the highest percentage of embryo viability. Feedback from our clients is very important to us. It teaches us more about how we can improve our services in order to meet all the needs of every client.

Below you’ll find testimonials from past and current clients who have used our services.

Trisha Landon 

We decided to store our embryos with our first round of IVF treatment. My sister also went through IVF and had decided not to have multiple eggs fertilized. She regretted it later when IVF failed, and she had to go through the entire process all over again. We were on a really tight budget, so I was worried we would be in the same boat. We spoke with a client advisor who discussed the storage fees, which turned out to be much more affordable than going through IVF again. We didn’t have success with our first IVF cycle, but we did with our second. I still have embryos banked here and plan to use them next year once Cassie turns three. We can’t thank the staff enough for helping us to make such an important decision.

Perth, Australia 

John and Cindy Williams 

We both decided we wanted children right away after we got married, which was why it was so frustrating when we were unable to conceive. We went through every fertility option and finally decided to try IVF. Once we made our mind up we decided to bank the remaining embryos here, because we both agreed we wanted a large family. Both cycles of IVF were successful, using embryos from a single IVF cycle. It was amazing how fast the staff here worked once our fertility doctor requested a viable embryo. We still have embryos stored at this facility and feel so relieved knowing they’ll be safely stored here until we’re ready for baby number three. We can’t thank the staff enough for their excellent communication and hard work. We’d definitely recommend their services. 

Brisbane, Australia

Aaron and Brianna Parks 

We wanted to thank the staff here for being so helpful when we signed up and during the entire banking process. We were really nervous about storing our embryos, we didn’t really know what to expect. The staff here were great, they contacted our doctor promptly after we decided to try another round of IVF, and they delivered our embryo right on schedule for the implantation procedure. Very satisfied.

Sydney, Australia